Education is the most important part of our life when a person is educated than the whole nation will be changed. Before it was very hard to study there were less school and colleges people have to walk miles and miles for school and colleges. Females were not send schools and colleges they were engaged in household work. As time changes importance of education is developed and feeled.

Education system was started from the rules of Ranas but it was limited only high class people can take education but later on after the abolishment of Rana’s rule there was freedom and people realised the important of education and from that era to this era time flies and from that time to this time many changes happened. Before there were lack of female education now it’s compulsory to educate female.

Nowadays most of the people are attracted to go abroad and study it’s like a fashion and a need. In spite of good education in Nepal youngster are attracted towards the foreign education. They are concerned about their career, most of the young boys and girls go to foreign especially Australia and USA.


There are many consultancy in Nepal for US And Australia, The consultant will guide you towards your dream to study in US and Australia. Some of the consultancy of Nepal are Global Consultancy, Yes International education , ace consultancy etc.

Therefore, you can consult with these consultancy for abroad study.

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