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Planning To Visit Or Study In Australia, If Yes then let’s Have some Information About It.

Here are some facts which you need to know Before You Plan To Visit Or Study In Australia.

Australia is the most beautiful countries in the world. People there are very friendly and helpful. They always welcome tourists friendly in nature.  Many people from different countries visit there for different purposes like study in Australia, They visit there with lots of excitement of seeing kangaroos, swimming on the beach, soaking up in the summer tan. Yes, Australia is loved by many tourist but also before visiting Australia you should have some knowledge and facts about it and make yourself prepare for any kind of situation.

Here are some facts given which we should know before we visit Australia and save yourself from getting embraced.

  • Knowledge of local language

IN spite of many people in Australia speak English language but still in some places Australian speak their native language. Therefore, if you learn an Australian language than it will be very easy for you to communicate Latin people of Australia.

  • Empty hand in BBQ is taken as manner less

If you are invited to BBQ than don’t go empty hand it’s is taken as disrespect or manner less in Australia. Therefore, take a bottle of wine or take some desert for helping hand or turn up with a little something and for thanks giving also.

  • Wear sunblock

Australia’s sun are very harsh without ozone layer and heat up quickly. There is no doubt if you visit Australia than you will go to the beach but beware of sun tanning and harsh sun which will make your skin dry and sizzler it last up to a week with potential of having blister. Therefore, sunblock having high SPF is required to put on if you are going out on summer or in the beach.

  • Say no to smoking

If you are going to Australia than it’s better you quit smoking because it’s too expensive it may charge upto $40 for one packet of cigarettes. Therefore, if you are dreaming of house, car etc than it’s better not to smoke.

  • Slow net

Net there in Australia is very slow and expensive too unlike place such as London where internet is everywhere. If You want to have a cheapest net that you have to have your own hotspot to take around you.

  • Car driven on left

Driving in Australia is common but make sure you go left because in Australia vehicles are driven on the left side therefore, don’t be confused  when you drive and if you are planning  for walking and take a public vehicles than always remember that cars are driven left and look right when you cross the road.

  • Don’t drink and drive

Yes, Australia is a free country where you can have alcohol but don’t put a misconception that you can drink and drive  wherever you want because there is cameras all over the road and your speed is been watched and recorded in cameras. Not only this you may be stopped at some point and ask for breath analyzer test. Therefore, keep in mind that different country have their different rules and you have to follow that rule.


  • Swim between the flags

If you are planning to swim in the beach of Australia than keep in mind that there are sharks in the water of Australia and for your safety you are shown the way through flags by lifeguards which indicates that it is safe to swim between there. Many consultancy in Nepal don’t give proper knowledge about the water and it’s risk of swimming which lead many student loss their lives.

  • Call 000 in emergency

Call 000 (triple zero) not 911, if you are in emergency or in trouble. You will be directed to police, firefighter or ambulance. Most probably many consultancy in Nepal will give you the knowledge about the number what are its importance.

At last

Before going to Australia know about it in detail and only make a plan to travel. There are many consultancy in Nepal for Australia which will guide you to your destination.