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Yes most of the people migrate but there is always a reason behind the migration of people. Migration has been started from the ancient civilization, people migrate from place to place for better lifestyle and better opportunities. This is normal and an inevitable features of humans. From the ancient time large number of people move from one place to another underdeveloped countries to developed countries for diverse reason. Therefore, in other word we can say that migration is the movement of people from one place to another for better living.

Now let’s Talk about Nepali migrant what is Nepali Migrant and why is it happening.

Nepali migrant is the Nepali people moving from one country to another for different purposes like study abroad, Better living, Job purpose etc. Beside these some people are migrating due to injustice, war, conflict and discrimination while others may voluntary emigrate. There is no proper education, no facilities by government it is the main reason behind the migration of Nepali people.

Migration of Nepali People is not always brings happiness in their face because there are many real stories of Nepalese migrant workers suffering in abroad.  Most of the Nepalese people are accepted by foreign countries only because they are cheap and they do whatever job given to them.  Many migrant have lack of realistic information about the country they are travelling to and so they migrate in great happiness and return back in lots of sad and depressed story. Most of the people work illegally and without any social protection, exclusion, restriction on mobility and travel, with holding a paper and identity for migrant people in host country.


If another country is offering the facility, higher wages, better financial condition then migration rate will rich at the top. There are many reason behind the Nepalese migration some of the major reason are mentioned below.

  • Financial Stability

In Nepal most of the people live on poverty here is lack of facilities and opportunities. Most of the young generation people fly overseas for their future stability even though they are highly educated and have well job here they choose to go abroad for their financial stability.

  • For Maintaining  level of standard

Now a days people focused on the maintaining their social life standard. Many parents send their children to abroad like Australia, America, London etc for study or better future and for maintaining lifestyle in the society.  They want to provide a highest level of education to their children and want their children to have better lifestyle which they didn’t achieve in their whole life.

  • Better Education

Most of the Nepalese people migrate to abroad for getting better education.  Foreign countries contain huge number of colleges, universities, high schools etc. Students can choose the subject according to their level and get qualified education.

  • Continue Series

We can say that flying abroad is like a continues series if one of the family member is in abroad and happily settled then they share their happiness and experience of that country and what other member also flew to that country or probably more better than that one and here it will become like an continuous series.

  • Political Instability

Due to the political conflict also people flew from Nepal to abroad. Some change their citizenship to get the new identity, to get political freedom etc they migrate.

  • Marriage

Many people have the concept that marriage from other countries is the easiest way of getting entrance to abroad so they could migrate to that country.



There are lots of factors which are effecting Nepalese people migrate to the foreign countries for better life style, better standard and most important their future people are migrating study abroad, settle abroad are the main reason. Therefore, above given are some reason for Nepalese migration.